British millionaire buys up former RAF base and says he may use it to hunt UFOs

A British millionaire has bought up a former RAF base and said he could use the radar installation to ‘hunt UFOs ’.

William Sachiti used his fortune to snap up a Cold War -era radar station in Norwich, instead of splashing out on fast cars and caviar.

The British entrepreneur bought up a 250,000 square air force base to test his ‘spaceship alien-looking’ autonomous vehicles.

But along with it, the roboticist and artificial intelligence expert got a massive, 25-foot tall radar which he said he would use to find “UFOs obviously”.

The radar was once used to detect nuclear missiles but Mr Sachiti joked that he would be using it for hunting down extraterrestrial life.

Speaking to the Mail Online, he said he turned to the public, asking on Reddit what he should use it for.

He said: “I will find a way to bring this to life and let the people choose the best way to use it.

“If people want to hunt UFOS, I guess it is hunting UFOs.

“My expensive hobby will be finding UFOS. IIf that is what the world wants, who am I to judge.”

The massive high tech system on the disused section of RAF Neatishead will take some time to get back online, and Mr Sachiti said it would take a few years before it’s operational.

It was advertised for sale in 2010 with an asking price of £4million but Mr Sachiti didn’t reveal how much he paid for the site.

The system, known as the AMES Type 84 radar unit, was operational from 1962 to 1994 and utilised microwave technology to detect nuclear bombs.

Mr Sachiti’s prized possession is his company Kar-go which uses green, futuristic looking self-driving cars to deliver packages.

He said the cars were like a “post office sorter on wheels” and focused on delivering small parcels which make up 80 per cent of packages sent.

But the revolutionary part of the self-driving cars is the supercomputer “brain” inside of them that is already used by the RAF.